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Prednisone and Alcohol

Prednisone and Alcohol

Healthcare providers often advise dosage modification of different drugs for alcohol consumers, because alcohol can interfere with excretion and detoxification performed by the liver. The ideal course of action is to abstain from alcohol while you are taking prescription medications; however, surprisingly enough, little data is available to suggest that the simultaneous consumption of alcohol and prednisone may be potentially dangerous.

Who is most likely to Experience Problematic Interactions between Prednisone and Alcohol?

Generally, there are no added side effects or complications when the two are used together, but those that are suffering from certain medical or health issues, such as liver disease, are more likely to experience adverse reactions.

Other similar situations include:

1. Gastrointestinal ailments

Prednisone interferes with the normal production of gastric acid, and thereby increases the risk of developing peptic ulcers. Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of dyspepsia, excess gas, and gastrointestinal bleeding with long-term use.

2. Inflammatory bowel diseases

Exacerbation of an episode of ulcerative colitis or Crohn`s disease is often associated with alcohol. Consumption of alcohol during prednisone therapy can interfere with its efficacy and benefits and may bring on another episode of Crohn's disease.

3. Non-specific symptoms

Data suggests that some people may experience nausea, vomiting and upper gastrointestinal upset more readily when alcohol and prednisone are used simultaneously.

4. Aggravation of underlying medical conditions

Consumption of alcohol affects the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver. Likewise, alcohol also increases blood sugar levels. The simultaneous consumption of prednisone and alcohol further interferes with the maintenance of sugar levels and basal functioning of the kidneys and liver, thereby doubling the risk of renal failure and liver failure.

Side Effects When Alcohol and Prednisone Are Used Simultaneously:

A variety of studies have indicated that increasing the external intake of steroids like prednisone leads to alcohol cravings and increased alcohol intake[1][2]. Likewise, it has also been identified that an intake of more than 25 g/day of alcohol is known to increase the concentration and secretion of endogenous steroid production up to 10 to 20% when compared to non- consumers.

Although actual data is scarce, healthcare providers believe that the risk of toxicity or complications from simultaneous consumption of alcohol and prednisone is dosage-dependent and responds greatly to alterations to the intake amount.

Alcohol and prednisone can be consumed without any complications; however, symptomatology differs depending on individual cases. If you have any questions or concerns, it is suggested that you speak to your healthcare provider directly to know if you can consume alcohol while using prednisone.


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